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Varya Deviaterikova

⚑ Moscow, Russia +7 906 063–63–61℡ hallovarvara@gmail.com varya.dev Image-link to Github account Image-link to Linkedin account Image-link to Instagram account

My passion is working on IT product as Front-End Developer and always improve my expertise. I'm ambitious and self-motivated, try to dig deeply and performance the best what I can (and a little more).

Web Dev is my thing, because I've worked as a UI Designer (Product Designer) since 2013 in offices and since 2008 as a freelancer. I have fundamental university education in building UI, which includes usability, design and programming.

Job Experience

Software Engineer (JavaScript, Front-End Developer) EPAM Systems September 2020 — present

Front-End Developer Crazy Panda July — September 2019

Freelance Front-End Developer and UI Designer (made varya.dev and varvara.pro portfolio sites by myself) since 2008


Graduated from HSE, Graphic Web Design faculty including HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, JS, AS3 courses 2007 – 2013

React course Rolling Scopes Schoolcertificate August — September 2020

JavaScript/Front-end course Rolling Scopes Schoolcertificate February — July 2020

„JavaScript: Full Course“ Udemy 2020

„Learning how to learn“ course Coursera 2020

HTML & CSS basic courses HTMLAcademy 2020

„HTML & CSS site building“ course GeekBrains 2019

„Programming basics“ course GeekBrains 2019

Learning in progress

Node JS. Practical course. (Mongo, GraphQL, MySQL, Express) Udemy

Code examples



JavaScript (ES5 – ES2020)


React, React hooks, Redux, Context


Git, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket

Jira, GitHub Projects, Trello

Material, Bootstrap, Semantic

UX, UI Design

SCRUM, Agile, Resource


Webstorm, VS Code

Figma, Sketch

Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Procreate, VSCO


English (Speaking B2, Writing B2+)

Russian (Native)

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